A collective resilience and organizational consulting approach blends consulting work with grassroots community groups, families, individuals, neighborhoods, ethnic communities, and other community configurations, along with more traditional management consulting with organizations, including nonprofits, small businesses, government, and others. This approach to consulting is systemic, and works with the resilience that is inherent in human systems. A strengths-based and asset-based perspective and methodology is utilized, highlighting generations of strengths and values, within families and communities. Steps to take toward healing, and actions to build community, evolve out of the narratives, the stories, that we all have and that tell of our collective resilience. Awareness of resilience, mapping of community, fostering inclusiveness, all lead to action that is self-determined and includes solutions to traumatic events and injustices suffered, building ever widening support for community through organizations/businesses, government and more. This is work with the microcosm and the macrocosm, and it is designed to reveal paths to collective healing, understanding, impact and evaluation. Collective Resilience guides, facilitates and follows up, linking community approaches and organizational approaches for a distinct synergy that occurs within the organism that is Community.