Who are the inspirers of this work?

Most directly, Collective Resilience is inspired by the groundbreaking work one of Ernie Duff’s mentors, Dr. Judith Landau, who pioneered the LINC Community Resilience model. Ernie is also linked with numerous other experts in the areas of collective resilience and organizational development, and he works collaboratively with each of them. He has an affiliation with the International Trauma Studies Program in New York City, and his long-time colleague and advisor, Dr. Jack Saul, as well as with the Antares Foundation in the Netherlands- an organization dedicated to self-care and organizational support for humanitarian workers worldwide. Ernie is also an active member of the Institute of Management Consultants, USA- Colorado Chapter, and has an organizational development mentor in David Feasby, from IMPACT Management Systems.

Where does Collective Resilience work, and with whom?

Collective Resilience works where we are needed, and is a profoundly local/global effort. We will work where we are called, overseas or domestic, large or small nonprofits/businesses, communities living in the midst of poverty and strife, trauma and stress. Our primary criteria is the degree to which those we work seek to overcome barriers, increase social cohesion, and enact the will to find unity in diversity.

What is the definition of Resilience?

There are many working definitions of resilience, and many ways to do resilience work. Our definition is that resilience is inherent in human beings and in the systems we create, and that increasing resilience means to recognize competence within individuals and the collective, looking for increased awareness, competency and resources for more people as a result of the work.

Why work with this consultant?

Because there is a desire to work with a systemic understanding of our interdependence at all levels, and because awareness of, and implementation of, collective efforts will lead to more robust outcomes and impact.

What are the costs?

Fees are negotiable. Ernie does a percentage of his work on a pro bono basis, and generally charges a flat, hourly fee.

What outcomes will we see as a result of this consultation?

The expectation will be that a new awareness, actuality, and dynamism of resilience will become a clear component of all deliberations, planning and projects, and that projects will be driven by the collective, leading to increased self-determination of people.