Collective Resilience Links– Winnifred Simon, Dr. Alastair Ager– Dr. Jack Saul and colleagues

  • Collective Trauma, Collective Healing (order on the ITSP website)– Dr. Judith Landau

  • LINC COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PUBLICATIONS– (click on link, which takes you to the A.R.I.S.E. Network page; click on Resources, Publications, and all publications will be available; scroll all the way down to LINC Community Resilience pubs and Related Figures).– resilience broadly considered across domains and sectors– Arianna Schindle and colleagues



Organizational Development Links– Winnifred Simon, Dr. Alastair Ager– progressive resources and tools for nonprofits– management resources across sectors– Trever Renquist and David Feasby (including the IMPACT workshop, a 360 workshop that increases productivity and profitability)– Caryn Capriccioso, Rick Zwetsch, at the intersection of the nonprofit and business sectors– nonprofit management consulting and mergers– Caryn Capriccioso, Rick Zwetsch, Julie Voyles- social enterprise exchange