Collective Resilience 

  • Collective, participatory needs assessment and community mapping
  • Facilitation to identify strengths, values, tasks and collectively generated projects
  • Further facilitation of collectively empowered projects involving community members, families, organizations and others, that become self-determined projects over time
  • Guidance, facilitation and planning for multi-modal projects that build resilience within communities, neighborhoods, families and individuals
  • Guidance, facilitation and partnership in development and evaluation of narrative projects that are written, spoken and/or filmed, ongoing storytelling, theater, music, visual arts, testimonial projects, cultural observances

Organizational Development 

  • Guidance and facilitation of organizational assessment, strategic and operational planning efforts, including mergers, and process/impact evaluation efforts
  • Coaching of executive staff and board
  • Coaching of staff and board members in creating inclusive organizational efforts that are inherently systemic, building cultures of inclusion, diversity, and justice.
  • Guidance, facilitation and partnership in creating synergy between organizations and grass-roots collectivity in which such organizations find themselves, and to whom they are seeking to be intimately related and supportive of
  • Resource development support, including grant writing to support all efforts toward collective approaches
  • Ongoing monitoring and process/impact evaluation of efforts by organizations that are within communities and are seeking to find a dynamic of resilience for the longer-term